The world’s first Patient Management System specifically designed for the Orthodontic industry. Imagine a practice that was automated from top to bottom… Our revolutionary practice automation tool enables to you to have full control over your patients and marketing while reducing your costs!


The most advanced and customised reminder system available

Automated Payments

Send content based on treatment plans automatically

Practice Automation

Never miss another payment again

What does this #1 Marketing
Automation System do for me?

Skyrocket productivity within your practice

Build better relationships with your patients

Huge reduction in operational costs

Watch your practice GROW on autopilot

What Does it Do?

Patients refer friends and family

Using proven and tested methods, the system gets your existing patients to refer their family and friends to you. Increase patient referrals from 15% of new patients to 60%.

Prospects raise their hand

Prospective patients ``raise their hand`` by letting you know they are interested in your service. They come from referrals and other sources.

Schedule the first appointment

After a patient expresses an interest in your services, the system nurtures them over time until they schedule their first appointment.

First appointment follow up

After the first appointment is complete the system automatically communicates with the patient based on whether they signed up for treatment or not.

Lost patients come back

The system automatically follows up with patients who don't start treatment encouraging them to come back. This sequence converts 20% of patients who first said NO, to saying YES.

Reschedule missed appointments

When a patient misses an appointment, the system automatically follows up with them to get the appointment rescheduled. Nobody falls through the cracks.

In-treatment follow up

After a patient starts treatment the system automatically gives them relevant information so they know exactly what to expect, and what to do. Trust is built.

Post-treatment follow up

When treatment is completed you want happy patients to share the good news. It results in referrals. The system automatically follows up with patients who have completed treatment.

Exceptional practice growth

By increasing referrals and automatically sending targeted marketing to potential patients, your practice will experience exceptional growth.

How Does it Work?

Sophisticated Marketing Automation Software

We build your system in the world’s most sophisticated marketing automation platform for small businesses. The campaigns are built and tested thoroughly before we turn on the switch. Once the switch turns on, your marketing automation runs day in and day out.

Automatic Data Transfer

Glimpse PMS automatically transfers your patient information into the marketing automation platform. Without this bridge your staff would have to manually enter the data each day. Dr. Mastroianni estimates this one feature alone saves his staff over 1000 hours each year.

Tasks For Staff

There are times you need your staff to reach out to a patient or prospective patient. To ensure nothing falls through the cracks, the marketing automation platform will send an email to your staff to let them know a task is required.

Effective Communications

The marketing automation platform handles various types of communications. It sends emails, printed letters, and even places phone calls. The system also sends thank you gifts to dentists and patients who refer patients to you. The communications run like clockwork automatically and exactly when they should.

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